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Never Quit Learning

Before you start getting bombarded by New Year’s Resolutions (that’ll be next week for us 😊), I wanted to reach out and ask you to add one to the list.

I want you to not worry about weight, or looks, or even money.  I want you to make the effort, this year, to be better. 

Maybe you’ve noticed, in our social-media-driven world, how we’ve forgotten how to have a rational discourse with the “other” side? 

If you’re liberal, you might simply mock the conservative and vice versa. 

Have you ever taken the time to sit down with those “other” guys and just talk?  Find out what makes them so passionate?  Find out what they “think” you mean? 

It’s fashionable today to not mention the “Christ” part of the Christmas tradition, and if I’ve somehow offended you for even mentioning it, I apologize.  On the other hand, what about it is so offensive? 

There is room in all of our hearts and minds for others, and in 2020, I sincerely hope we all can begin to “see” clearly how other’s opinions do matter – but without the sarcasm and silliness. 

I want discourse, not soundbites. 

I’d love an intelligent conversation, not memes. 

I’d like to understand the other side with a cup of coffee in our hands, not bullhorns and firehoses. 

Can you imagine what the impact would be on our society?  If I could understand what my neighbors truly believed instead of succumbing to a narrative the media has crafted for me to believe… about his right to bear arms, or his religion, or their skin color, or her sexuality? 

I wish you all the best for the rest of this year and hope to learn more about you in 2020.  Let’s ALL see a little clearer!