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The Neve Group, LTD. has carved a niche out for itself in the real estate industry. We are known as THE tax CPA for REALTORS in the 5 county area as we are highly familiar with both residential and commercial real estate sales.

Ernie Neve CPA is a long time real estate investor himself and has a great deal of experience helping realtors and other real estate professionals.

In fact, Ernie is the in process of getting licensed as a real estate agent. While he does not plan to actively represent buyers and sellers, he has made a commitment to becoming licensed so that he can be the best CPA for real estate agents.

Ernie Neve CPA is a member of the Montgomery County Association of Realtors, and is the preferred CPA provider for multiple Keller Williams offices.

Ernie has forged relationships with some of the area’s top real estate agents and brokers offices and assists them with their businesses by providing several key services:


Entity selection for real estate agents and brokers to minimize taxes

Did you know the biggest mistake Realtors make is not setting up the right legal entity for their business? Or if set up, not using it properly. Are you make this mistake in your real estate business?


Consulting on purchases of new vehicles to maximize tax deductions

This includes lease vs. buy. Any CPA for real estate agents must be highly knowledgable in this subject. Neve has the answers you need.


Business and tax coaching

As a CPA for real estate agents Ernie Neve CPA helps clients break down where they are spending their time and money and quantifying the return on investment to determine where time and money should be spent. Every client has the opportunity to implement a tax plan which results in the maximum income and the lowest possible income taxes. We work with our realtor clients all year long, not just at tax time, to make sure they are staying in tax compliance and paying income taxes timely as needed.


Tax Problem Resolution for Realtors or Their Clients

We solve tax problems!  If you owe the IRS or PA and can’t pay, or are being audited, or have back years of returns to file, we can help.  Your best interest is represented and your assets are protected while take over your case.  This provides you with peace of mind, and the best possible resolution.  If you are trying to close a sale and a Federal or State Tax Lien gets in the way, we can help.


Bookkeeping for agents and brokers so that they can focus on selling

This includes delivery of a complete virtual system which streamlines and automates the process of collecting your financial information for our bookkeeping staff to record in ways that maximize tax deductions.


How to save efficiently for retirement

This includes considering all types of investments (including real estate) and how to maximize the tax benefits of retirement contributions.


Tax return preparation for real estate agents

The Neve Group, LTD is comprised of CPA’s specializing in the taxation of real estate agents and we know how to ensure you pay as little as possible come tax time. As a CPA for real estate agents we have a very thorough checklist of items we run through to ensure no deductions are missed.

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