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Are You Staying Up?

Time is really getting tight with Tax Day only a few weeks away, but I wanted to reach out this morning to ask you (what I think is) an important question.

How do you continue to learn?

After all, at this day in age, there are thousands of ways to not only get information but to process it and then use it in your business, so what are, for you, the most effective ways?

For years, of course, I’ve had clients that swore by live seminars.  I know people who have seen Tony Robbins dozens of times; Grant Cardone just did his 10X Conference a few weeks ago with 12,000 people, and, when it comes to events with just a couple hundred people, the list of speakers is nearly endless.

On the other hand, a lot of those live seminar speakers and coaches also have a digital learning product, too.  You pay a monthly fee, join the course, and get specific courses on everything from mindset to Bitcoin. 

For some of us, it might be booked.  It seems like lawyers and accountants love a book, especially if it will end up looking good on a shelf somewhere so we can pull it out to double-check what we are convinced we once read. 

For me, the answer is usually a combination of all of these as well as others.  My team and I are required to take continuing education courses and they seem to fall into both the digital and live seminar styles.  (It’s worth noting that, contrary to a Tony Robbins event, nobody is standing up and clapping at a CPA CE class!)

I’ll say this:  for entrepreneurs who are looking to retain and keep their game as sharp as possible, I think you don’t have a choice except to keep learning.  Think about it:  none of us exist or work in a vacuum, and the tools you’re not learning about are the ones that your competition is using or creating. 

If they work, why wouldn’t you want to know about them and to make them a part of your business plan and model?  Virtually all the knowledge of the human race can be accessed through one of several devices we either use or carry every day.  Make sure you’re using them to help you improve your business knowledge!