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Are You Done Yet?

Now that most of us have made it through tax season, let me ask you a question:

Are you tired of the stress?  I mean, some of it you’ll never get rid of – it’s just the nature of the beast for us as business owners. 

In this instance, I’m talking about the stress that taxes and tax season brings on many business owners.

First of all, it doesn’t have to be that way, and I can show you how to quit freaking out every Spring and how “taxes” don’t have to stress you out.  In fact, I can teach you right now, in this email, IF you’ll simply keep reading…

The reason people’s blood pressure goes haywire about taxes is this:  they’re trying to “beat” an incredibly complex system that is, frankly, hard to beat – and they don’t have a plan (or even the time) to fight it.  Think about it – 80,000 PAGES of Tax Code, all designed to get the government paid, and people think they can mitigate their tax liabilities with a free download of software and a couple hours of time spent on the weekend? 

It’s a fight you simply can’t win … by yourself!

On the other hand, there are absolutely steps you can take to make taxes easier to stomach and far less stressful – and they start with having the right team on your side. 

Is that a new idea?  No.

Is it a slick new “hack”?  No.

Is it a new, intuitive software?  No. 

It’s something I’ve preached for years, and it’s a process that has proven successful for millions of business owners – build a tax team. 

  • Solid rules in your business for how income and cashflow is tracked, used, and distributed.
  • A bookkeeper that manages, reports, and handles ALL of that information – and shares it with you. 
  • A tax professional who understands (and works with) a company’s bookkeeper to understand that data, manages quarterly filings (if necessary) and cab help to guide the business on the best tactics to deploy as the year goes by. 
  • An entrepreneur who makes the time weekly, monthly, and quarterly to review the data and reports his or her team has compiled. 

Think of the successful entrepreneurs of our era – and how THEY act during tax season. 

Is Elon Musk trying to find receipts?

Is Howard Shultz running a copy of Tax Act to reconcile cashflow statements? 

They’re not … but their companies have systems to do it … and so should yours.  If you’ve vowed that this is the last year you’ll struggle with your company and personal taxes, then reach out to me and the team and let’s build the system together.

It simply doesn’t have to be that hard.

All the best