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Which One Are You?

This month, as you might have noticed, we’ve taken a break from the way we traditionally send out our emails.  Instead of compiling lists and notes and trying to share news, I’ve decided to share some of the key frustrations I see across the desk in my office.

Many of the things I’ve shared this month – actually, ALL of them – come from my observations of clients.  

What bothers them, keeps them up at night, and what – sadly enough – sometimes causes their enterprises to fail.  

It’s been interesting to see some of the reactions to my emails this month, though.  Painting with a broad brush, it seems there are a few categories of owners on my email list…

  • Clients who, having read these last few emails, simply went on about their day.
  • Clients who never thought to contact me for some reason – perhaps because I was writing about business and reimagining how a business owner might want to actively run their company, I must be doing the same and too busy to speak to them.
  • Clients who read every one of these emails, nodded knowingly at much of what I said, thought briefly about taking action, and went right back to being miserable in their business.

And finally, 

  • Clients who read, pondered, and contacted me – either to share victories or frustrations – and are taking action to make their business more enjoyable and far less stressful, one problem at a time.  

Bear in mind, I’m not writing these things because some smart internet marketer told me I should, I’m writing them because I see how frustrated the men and women are who have taken the huge risk of opening and operating their businesses instead of simply going to work for someone else.

Today, everyone is a “guru” and they each have a solution you “need” – for a price.

Yet notably few, like Michael E. Gerber, author of The E-Myth Revisited, remind you the solution isn’t buying a widget or a “package” – it’s coming to grips with the overall operations of your company and making actual changes in how it is run, managed, and systemized.  

Please, I’m very serious – I’d love to know what you’re working on, what you’re frustrated by, and how you are fixing it.  And if you’re not fixing it, that’s okay, too.  Perhaps there are ways to do so you simply haven’t thought of yet.  

You never know until you share.  

Have a great day-