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Rethinking the Lead Acquisition Process

And the adventure continues!  I’ve been sharing some ideas about how entrepreneurs can streamline their businesses and I hope you’ve gotten a lot of insight so far. 

Let’s talk about lead acquisition a little bit. 

Most entrepreneurs and business owners look at lead acquisition only in terms of marketing.  The truth is, it’s a lot of things – how your company is interacting socially, how you network, your status as an influencer in your field, and, of course, how you actually “sell” the products and services (and results) you and your team produce. 

If you only look at lead acquisition in terms of marketing, then you’re missing some valuable pieces of the growth puzzle.  It HAS to be far more robust than a marketing plan. 

This week, let’s talk about a better way to think about the lead acquisition process.

For starters, EVERYTHING your business does has to be focused on introducing your business to those who don’t know it OR haven’t used it recently.

Think about a roofing company – how many return clients can they reasonably expect to have if their product takes 15-30 years to wear out? 

On the other hand, if that roofing company is yours, does it make sense to offer free annual inspections to clients?  Especially if that annual inspection gives you the chance to park your service truck in the neighborhood for a few hours?  To send a post from the rooftop of your client’s home about “Another year and it still looks like new”?  Or to make sure your team, when they schedule that inspection, is trained to mention the referral program you’ve recently initiated? 

All of these types of ideas can be incorporated into nearly any business, so it’s your job – as a lead acquisition leader, to think about them and at least test how they might be able to work in your company.

Remember a few weeks ago – I mentioned tracking hours?  Some of those wasted hours you inevitably found should absolutely be dedicated to thinking about how you can generate new leads – the obvious kind (through marketing best practices) and the less obvious kind – like the greeting your team uses to answer the phone. 

Every one of these seemingly small things adds up to bigger things, and that’s what lead acquisition is all about. Work on it this week and share your successes and “ah-ha’s”…