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Rethinking Goals

Throughout the pandemic, we’ve seen a lot of things that have proven to be overrated or at least overused.  One word I’m personally sick of is “pivot.”

Yes, it’s accurate, but so many people, especially business owners and managers, are using it these days…

“Pivot” is tired.  

But the ideas behind it – those are real.  For years, entrepreneurial coaches and speakers like Loral Langemeier and Ted McGrath have pretty effectively summed up the man or woman who opens their own business as a person who jumps off a cliff and builds themselves a plane on the way down.  

Today, though, a lot of folks who work for other people, whether on salary or hourly, or even commission, are being forced to do a lot of “fast thinking” where they never did before.  

For those of us who lost money in the Great Recession a decade ago, it’s a lot more deja-vu than we wanted.  

401(k)s, IRAs, stock options, even crypto currency investment has taken a beating, and this morning, my point in all this is simple:  do you want to watch your life savings get beat up every ten years or are there other ways to invest that can protect you and your family?

Well, there are, whether that’s through a Whole Life Insurance policy, precious metals, or – yes – even the right real estate investment, smart men and women continue to make money in this economy.

Even as “bad” as it is.

Why can’t you?  

Here’s the deal:  one of the first things any investor has to do is to have a plan – even before they have money to invest.  Hoping your 401(k) will magically grow or that your company will grant you some lucrative stock options or that a rich but unknown family member is going to bequeath their fortune to you isn’t a retirement plan, it’s a pipe dream.  

YOU are the one ultimately in control of your financial success and the retirement you want to have, so take the opportunity – COVID-19 – and make this the year you create control of your retirement destiny.  

How?  Educate yourself on what is out there!  Speak with experts like me on the tax benefits of, say, real estate versus a Roth IRA, and let’s make a plan.

It might be $2,000 this year, but next year?  $20,000.

It’s your future, make sure you are the one in control of it.  

All the best-