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Multiple Years of Unpaid Taxes?

Question: I haven’t filed a tax return for multiple years now. I realize this is a problem, but what can I do to fix it? Will I face massive fines? Could I end up in prison? 

Answer: There are a few ways it could play out. If you were due a refund on your taxes, you’re in a much better situation than if you had a tax burden for all those unfiled years. You’ll need to file immediately to see any of your refund. You cannot get a refund on a return that is over three years old, but as long as you didn’t owe taxes on any of the unfiled years, you should be alright with the help of a tax resolution expert. 

If you did owe taxes, the IRS will assess a minimum of $135 failure to pay penalty in addition to your tax burden for each year. Worse, that unpaid tax burden collects interest at the federal short-term rate plus an additional 3 percent. This interest is compounded daily, and if you’ve gone several years without paying taxes, you will owe significantly more than the original burden. Usually, the IRS will attempt to levy your property and use other strong-arm tactics to get you to pay. 

If you haven’t paid taxes for several years, it’s time to contact a tax resolution expert. This problem will not go away, and you may be risking criminal charges. 

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