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Is Your Vision 2020?

Good Morning and Happy New Year!

Now that the collective holidays are past us and we’re plunging into 2020, I wanted to reach out to not only welcome you to the next decade, but I also wanted to try to get a sample of what entrepreneurs like you were thinking.

Are you optimistic about the coming year?  Worried?  What plans are you making so far as investment and growth in your business? 

Of course, all of these are being asked and reflected on in business periodicals and social media already, but let me ask you one more…

What are you planning on doing, personally, to ensure that 2020 is your best year yet?

I’ve asked that question a lot in the last few weeks – from professionals around the country and it’s interesting to think about the responses I’ve gotten – everything from “managing my personal time more effectively to be able to be with the family more” to “reimagining how my business is organized to shift to a more passive income.”

A lot of the answers I’m hearing have to do with our relationship between time and money – especially trying to quit exchanging one for the other. 

Of course, it’s not as easy for some of us.  Accountants, tax preparers, doctors, and so on?  Our entire careers are often based on exchanging time for money, but yours doesn’t have to be.

I’d like to add to your New Year’s Resolutions if I could be so bold.

In 2020, seek out ways to offload everyday tasks that consume your time.  Maybe it’s a Virtual Assistant to organize your emails, make cold calls, and set appointments.  Maybe it’s the creation of a new product that in your business that doesn’t require your skills to sell and fulfill. 

Maybe it’s simply hiring a landscaper and a housekeeper to free up your time to be able to more effectively carry out the tasks only you can handle in your business.

Whatever it is, DO IT!

Remember, you only have 86,400 seconds in any day.  You’ll choose how each one of them is spent and, at the end of the day, or the week, or the month, you’ll either feel great about how effective you’ve been or feel like you haven’t gotten enough done. 

I can’t tell you how many times folks have shared with me how those little victories in time management have such a huge effect on their quality of life and the size of their bank accounts. 

I wish you a fantastic 2020 … with lots of free time. 

All the best-

Ernie Neve, CPA

P.S. By the way, my goals for all of my clients?  More commas and zeroes in YOUR bank accounts!