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Is Your Expertise Worth Selling?

As we get closer and closer to Tax Day next month, the team and I have heard some version of the same thing more than a few times:  “I just don’t get paid what I’m worth.”

Now, I’m not going to touch that one, because there are WAY too many variables in it.  But even if you work for someone else and have no desire to open your own business, are there ways out there that could allow you to make some money using that experience?

The reason I ask is, today, with the digital technology we have access to, almost anything can be searched, and if somebody is looking for it, chances are, somebody would pay for it. 

Now, I’m not talking about the so-called “side hustles” out there – driving for Lyft or Uber, or delivering groceries, although those certainly can add income to your bottom line. 

In this case, I really mean, is there something you could teach or mentor?  Especially in the digital realm, where the time you’d actually have to spend building it is really the only time you’ve got to spend on it. 

A Udemy course, for example, or one in Teachable. 

Maybe it’s a membership site or the creation of an online community of folks in your business. 

Sound crazy?  It isn’t.  What is crazy is the money that some people are making creating these types of tools and resources for people.  Some of the top YouTube channels, for example, made millions of dollars – sometimes doing very little. 

Now, you don’t get to that level of success overnight, but the fact is, many of the most successful channels on YouTube are merely documenting what they already do

The same with thought leaders and influencers on other social media and even in the online learning arenas. 

Why can’t you?

There’s nothing to hold you back this year, so even if you found the W-2 from 2019 to be less than you hoped, you have the knowledge, skills, and abilities to make a dramatic increase this year – and keep doing the work you love.