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Finishing Strong?

Now that fall is rapidly approaching – even though it might not feel like it – I’ve got to ask you a question:  What are you doing to ensure that this year is STILL a great year for you?

It’d be far too easy to point to the headlines in the news and simply use them as an excuse, but would it be the truth?

Only you and your dedication to your business and your craft can answer that question.  

Here’s what I do know: I n the last 18 months, most entrepreneurs and small businesses have been challenged like never before.  Nearly every company had to rethink their business model to survive, and if you’ve made it this far?

You’re not only a survivor, you’ve obviously got what it takes to prosper.  

So how can you take these last few months of 2021 and finish strong?  

I’ve asked a lot of business owners that, and the single biggest answer they’ve shared with me was one I agree with – follow up. 

You interface with leads and prospects every day – sometimes without even knowing it – and the simple act of following up with them might be all it takes to close the sale.  Let me give you an example…

A young man in an outside sales position I know once shared with me the story of how, when he was first beginning his career, his job was based on cold calling.  Even though he was good, the key component he found that separated him from the other salespeople in his office was that he continued to follow up on people until they distinctly told him “no.”

The result?  

He got a lot of sales.  

In one case, he finally “sold” a woman he had called seventeen times!

Now, before you dismiss this as being some giant contract, let me clear this up – it was for cable and internet services.  This young man – I’ll call him “Todd” here – made a commission of $280 for that sale. 

Most, if not all, small business owners I know wouldn’t have called seventeen times for a commission ten times that large.  

The lesson is simple – if you’re dedicated to growing and generating more sales in your business this year and are looking for an “edge” to finish the year strong, it’s simple – just follow up with your leads and your prospects.  

They’re looking to you to be the expert and tell them how to use the solutions you offer – do it!  In 90% of the cases, it’s as simple as a phone call.  

A really high paying phone call.