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Creating or Consuming?

This month, I’ve been concentrating on more intangibles within the ideas of busines success, but before you get toooo critical of me, let me explain my logic:

2020 has changed a lot of things for a lot of people.

If you’re still trying to do “business as usual” with an unchanged model – maybe the same one you opened up with in 2020, then your days are numbered, and that’s the point of this email. 

It’s to point out that the companies and individuals who have thrived in this year are those who have critically analyzed how they do business or how they approach the operations of their business to ensure its survival.

In many cases, as I’ve learned from talking to scores of them, they di that by rethinking how they spend time. 

An “easy” example is this one:  do you mindlessly scroll through your social media feeds each day, or do you actively target other “scrollers” through your marketing plans and advertisements?

In other words, are you creating things for others to consume or are you consuming things others have created? 

One will bring leads into your business, the other will keep you from making money. 

…And it’s not just social media, either, it’s how you show up in your hometown.  Do people know what you do?  Have you boiled down the core of your business into something that can be easily consumed by a public that has a shorter and shorter attention span? 

“I move entrepreneurs from frustration to freedom,” is one I saw and liked from a digital marketing agency recently, and – obviously – it stuck with me. 

Do you have that “blurb” that captures a potential lead when they see it or hear it?  Do you believe it, too?   

A month or so ago, I shared in my emails about being clear on your dream – the founding idea of your company – and this sort of statement is very much a part of that.  The two ideas are linked, and they are critical for you as an entrepreneur. 

…But do you feel them? 

After all the craziness of 2020, do you still feel that burning desire to change lives? 

To make an impact? 

To create and live your life on your terms, not those dictated to you by the government, or a boss, or a mindless career job buried in some kind of cubicle Hell?

If you do, then I suggest you continue to monitor how you let minutes slip away and always focus on creating, not consuming. 

Create a family that’s a team, create a business that’s a family, a marriage that’s unbreakable, friendships that will be lifelong. 

Be better, and refuse to allow yourself to get sidetracked from your goals by living vicariously through what social media tells you is relevant. 

All the best-


P. S. …And if you find yourself wondering how to “jump start” this whole process because you need to sort out advertising, take heart!  There are a lot of ways to find that money, and if you’re struggling with it, let’s sit down and talk about budgets for your business and the potential tax benefits and rewards of a properly built marketing plan.