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Build It Or Rebuild It?

I know, some of you might be thinking “how is an accountant giving me advice on entrepreneurship?”

But I’m really not.  

I’m asking you to think about what you’d do differently in your business if you could completely reimagine it.

Not a better website, not a different social media strategy, but what would you really change?

Take your job, for example.  

What’s the worst part of it?  Being blindsided by problems?  Production?  Sales?  Quantifying the results?  Take a few minutes today to make a list of the top things that irritate you about your business.  More importantly, let’s figure out how to solve them.  

Wait.  Scratch that thought.

Make a list of everything that you dislike in your business – from minor annoyances to major complaints.  




Why?  Because if you find there are, say, 63 things you don’t like, you have a tangible list of everything wrong – and then?

One by one, you solve those.  

Create systems, delegate responsibilities (DON’T abdicate them!), and create, instead of a “JOB” you do as a business owner, you create a far better LIFE as an entrepreneur.  Right now really is an ideal time to do this, as so many businesses have been impacted by the pandemic.  

Think about it – right now is perfect, because everyone’s expectations are at their lowest!  Your clients are happy to see you open, so if you decided to finally fire every problematic employee and start with a completely new, completely retrained staff that faithfully executes YOUR standards, who’s going to be mad?  

If you decide you are tired of selling carpet and your new business model is going to be building high end wooden furniture, who could blame you?  

This might sound Machiavellian, but I don’t mean it that way at all.  The truth, though, is I’ve seen too many small business owners killing themselves for the company they built with people who don’t share their vision, in industries that are no longer expanding, and the wrong systems (training, for example) to communicate to employees the importance and passion the entrepreneur opened the doors with!

Make 2020 MORE than the year of COVID, make it the year you finally recaptured the passion that inspired you to open the doors in the first place!

Stay tuned for next week, because I’ve got something up my sleeve…

See you then!