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As We Head Into The Final Period…

October is one of the busiest times of the year for my family. Aside from it being my birthday month, my twin boys are turning 14, and my wife and I and I will celebrate our wedding anniversary. As you can imagine, this makes October a fun and exciting (and slightly crazy) month at my house. The right around the corner is Halloween, which the boys still really enjoy, and hockey is getting into full swing. As their practice schedule kicks into high gear, all the excitement and celebration makes autumn my favorite season by far.  

I encourage everyone to keep an ongoing rapport with us, especially if you have a small business or real estate investments. Make sure we have all the information we need to help you. Are you in the habit of regular interaction with your accountant? If you don’t have that relationship, we’ve got systems and programs in place to help get and keep your books up to date. Do you have a tax problem, like an audit? Do you owe money to the IRS or any other taxing authority? Now is the time to get that resolved.  

People really come alive this time of year, as we ride on that wave of energy brought about by this year’s final quarter. I thrive on this busy energy. The more I find it around me, the more I accomplish and the more I am passionate about what I do. That said, I know people get a little overwhelmed and find themselves struggling to check off the boxes on their to-do lists. If you are a self-described procrastinator, like a lot of people I know, you might be interested in reading a little bit about what you can do to improve your day-to-day and be more productive. 

 I recently read a book called “Getting things Done: The Art of Stress-Free Productivity,” and I can say I highly recommend it to anyone who struggles with getting things done on time. It’s a great book with a ton of information for people who find themselves not getting enough done. I love how busy this time of year is, but not everyone gets the same thrill out of it. If you’re stressed, get your hands on this recommended reading and get back on track. Whether you thrive on the energy of the last quarter or not so much, I hope you’re getting a start on your urgent tasks and enjoying the rest of the year.